About Ed

Sometime around freshmen year in high school I was introduced to black and white photography.
Back then I had an old "hand-me-down" Pentex SLR with Ashahi 55mm and 105mm.
Ever since then I am hooked. Over the years I've worked in pre-production for advertising.
Toured around Europe with friend's bands. Stumbled into the world of fashion (design, web, still-life & retouching). Every moment, I always had a camera with me.

Perhaps I see the world in a different eye. Perhaps it's a passion. Perhaps because it's fun.

Most of the images you see here are photographed in digital format. Edited with old techniques. The way I was taught in a dark room with gel films, Paterson tanks, projectors, trays of developing liquids and the "amber" lights.

So I hope you enjoy these images as much as I photographed them.


Currently on hand are mixed gears from my early days to present: (from left to right.)

(front) Sony NEX Flash | Fotasy Marco Extension 16mm+10mm

(not shown) Sony NEX 5 Full Spectrum & IR filter.

(rear) Asahi Pentex 105mm w/adaptor | Ashai Pentex 55mm w/adaptor | custom build boken FX lens | Sony NEX 7 with standard 18-55mm | Sony HVL-F42AM digital flash | Nikor 55mm w/adaptor | Sony Zeiss 16-80mm w/adaptor

Other gears not shown: Flash, led video light, mini soft box. reflective umbrellas, an old Digital 8 cam, foam panels and lots of coffee.

Feel free to contact me: