Compinion for the cup

This is a good book to go with your cup of favorite. In any time of the day.

"Photography" by Barbra and John Upton.

This version was printed in 1976. It was required for my photography studies during college years. The book was very informative interms of film camera and darkroom procedures. Also goes very well with my gear which is mostly 60s-70s Single-Lens Reflex type (SLR type).

For those new to the photography field (Specially digital photography), The 11th edition might be more suitable. This book covers both film and digital.

Whether you are beginner or pro, these photography books can be really good reference material.
Even as a coffee table flip book for your studio or home.

Home Made

For sometime now, I wanted to build a sliding box camera or a box that simulates the effect. The difference is the Ashahi Super-Takumar 55mm as primary lens.

So after some careful planing I was able to build a simple box from 1 peice of foam and the sliding box inside. The sliding box is cover with cover sheet from Ruby-lift.

Here is the resaults and the setup.

Originally I wanted to build it from wood. However I think this could be a nice open source project for everyone. Just to have fun with photography. Once I figure out how to include a Polaroid bracket I will post it.

- March 2 2015

The Pen EE S

Introduction: The Pen EE S was introduced by Olympus in 1962. It was a half-frame camera. So twice as much picture then the normal 35mm. The Pen EE S was the predissesor of Pen EE, however, with a wider aperture and a focus ring. Much of the camera history can be found on Wikipedia.

Ed's Note: These photographs were taken in natural lighting using IKEA LED bulbs. The finals have very little or none post adjustments. The camera is metered (manually calibrated) at 3000 Kalvins with +1 in Magenta. Instead of Automatic White Balance (AWB) mode or the normal 5600k.

The current model is a micro four/third with inter-changeable lenses. The Digital PEN or E-P1 still carry the traditional housing of the Pen EE series. Noticabally the size and chrome casing.

I remember my sister took a lot of photographs with the PEN- EE S when we were kids (picture below). I'm sure some of our family photos were taken with this cool little thing. Also in those days gone past, we had a disposible flash bracket that came with it. I can still hear the bulb sound. "Pop" then sizzle.

I only snapped a few shots with it. The half-frame confused the CVS staff so the photographs printed out funny. When I find them I'll posted here.

View the album here

Contact Sheet or Full Spread

I having a delima of choosing old school contact sheet style or a full spread on the individual album pages. If the website keep switching or looks funny. It's me. Apologies for the confusion.

- February 27 2015


So it all started when I was very young. My grandma was an opera singer and taught all the kids music. When I started photography, around freshmen in highschool, I also picked up the guitar. It has been apart of my creativity ever since.

Over the years I acquired a few guitars and basses. I gave some away a few to friends. The one's that stayed is my 2nd guitar, a modified Dearmond M75T, a new Steinberger Spriit and a Mini Martin acoustic.

The 2nd guitar is build from parts by me around mid 80's. A Late 70's Dimarzio Strat body, Kramer beretta neck and miscellanies parts. Went through several pickups and finally settled with EMG 80 and EMG SA single coil. It was the only guitar that I had for years. Lashed out my youth anger and frustration with it. All the energy and emotion transfered through the strings. So I really have to thank "The Green Machine" and music for that. Otherwise I would've end up in "Trouble". It is now resting on the wall. In peace.

The Dearmond M75T came about just after I started advertising/pre-production work for Daily News. It was pretty cheap but looked really cool. I love Les Paul but I wanted something just a little bigger. The M75T fit the spot. However the frets is just to standard. So I bought it to Jim Millenchuck. Introduced by a best friend, Sean Kilkenny. Asked him if he can replaced the frets with "G" medium jumbo frets. The work is so amazing. The neck and frets are still perfectly straight. Even when I left the M75T in a storage for almost 2 years. Currently the stock bridge pickup is replaced by a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. The "Champange Elysee" is currently my favorite.

The Steinberger came about when I realized my back can't handle too much stress. Needed something lighter ( also the reason I switched to Micro 4/3rd camera system.) The standard EMG select pickups are ok but low in output. I found the EMG H4 passive pickups. Equivalent of EMG 80 but less output. The best is no Battery needed. Switched out the 5 way to 3 way selector. Great thing about "The Stick" is it stays in tune.

Mini Martin came about when I was traveling back and fourth from New York and So Cal. Needed something not too expensive, ready to travel around and doesn't bother neigborghing dewelers in New York City. "Mini me" is perfect for such requirement.

I still play. Little less. Little more. Depending on the mood.

- Feburary 25, 2015