The Pen EE S

Introduction: The Pen EE S was introduced by Olympus in 1962. It was a half-frame camera. So twice as much picture then the normal 35mm. The Pen EE S was the predissesor of Pen EE, however, with a wider aperture and a focus ring. Much of the camera history can be found on Wikipedia.

Ed's Note: These photographs were taken in natural lighting using IKEA LED bulbs. The finals have very little or none post adjustments. The camera is metered (manually calibrated) at 3000 Kalvins with +1 in Magenta. Instead of Automatic White Balance (AWB) mode or the normal 5600k.

The current model is a micro four/third with inter-changeable lenses. The Digital PEN or E-P1 still carry the traditional housing of the Pen EE series. Noticabally the size and chrome casing.

I remember my sister took a lot of photographs with the PEN- EE S when we were kids (picture below). I'm sure some of our family photos were taken with this cool little thing. Also in those days gone past, we had a disposible flash bracket that came with it. I can still hear the bulb sound. "Pop" then sizzle.

I only snapped a few shots with it. The half-frame confused the CVS staff so the photographs printed out funny. When I find them I'll posted here.

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