12mm on the Beach

First time with 12mm since forever...

12mm Panoramic Beach

First Moon

thru the telescope we go

Paint the fan

Paint with light method on a CPU fan

HDR Carinval

NEX-7 | Nikkor 55mm

Random HDR

Random HDR photo & filter


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6 String Abstract

NEX-7 | Nikkor 55mm | Macro adaptor


NEX-7 | Nikkor 55mm | Macro adaptor

Brooklyn Bridge

a700 | DT 18-200mm & NEX-7 | 18-55mm

Disney Amphitheater

NEX-7 | 18-55mm

Fiore Abastract

Camera | Lens

NY Skyline

a700 | DT 18-200mm / NEX-7 | 16-55mm

From Foothill to Taiwan's Peaks

a700 | DT 18-200mm & Zeiss 16-80mm

Top of Empire

Canon 30D | 18-55mm

Top of the Pearl

a700 | DT 18-200mm & Lensbaby

Water Tower

NEX-7 | Various Lenses


Images for all 4 corners

The Pen EES

NEX 7 | Zeiss & Nikkor 55 | Macro Adaptor | Natual Lighting | Calibration: 3000K +1M

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Leaking Light Filters Set 1

IR fx

Top View Midtown